• Q. What types of positions are available?

    A. The type of work you will be doing from your virtual home office as a Virtual Home Agent, is receive and service “inbound’ customer services and support calls for major companies. Online training and certification opportunities will be available through our client.

  • Q. What type of computer or other equipment will I need?

    A. a computer with Windows XP or Windows 7 some clients support Windows 2000, a dedicated “land line” telephone, a telephone headset and high speed internet service, and a USB headset for training. As an independent contractor you will also be responsible for maintaining your own equipment.

  • Q. Will I be an employee KahlCenter?

    A. No. You will not be an “employee” KahlCenter, LLC; you will be an Independent Contractor, working as an “extension” of our Corporation; just as if you worked for an employment placement agency. The only difference is you will be working from your home office. You will receive a 1099 from KahlCenter, LLC at the end of the year to file your taxes. Therefore, no taxes are deducted from your paycheck.

  • Q. Who determines the project or client that I work with?

    A. You do! Our client will post “opportunities”  and you will then express interest in the one that you feel fits your needs . You decide which clients you wish to service by completing the required online certification training.

  • Q. Can I live anywhere and contract with KahlCenter?

    A. There are a few states we do not service at this time.

    • Massachusetts
    • California
    • Maryland
    • Connecticut
    • Oregon
    • New York
  • Q. Will I be allowed to service calls for more than one client?

    A. Yes, each client will have a minimum number of hours you will have to commit to. Therefore if Client #1 requires you to work a minimum of 15 hours per week and Client #2 requires a 25 hour week minimum, you will need to be able to service 40 hours per week.

  • Q. What type of clients will I be working with?

    A.   We are not allowed to list specific company names, they will be provided once you have completed your online “basic” certification training, but some include major communications companies, resort hotels, auto clubs, retail chains, theme parks, cruise lines, service companies and more!

  • Q. Why should I become a member of KahlCenter, LLC?

    A. We provide a very unique opportunity to becomefinancially independent in your own business. Our mission is to be in business for yourself, not by yourself,and to  operate and succeed with a virtual work-at-home office. As a “Virtual Home Agent” and a member of KahlCenter, we will support you through the entire process of getting started, training, certifications, system requirements, hardware and software. We will also recommend which clients may be best suited for you, mentor and coach you as needed to insure you become a successful Virtual Home Office Agent.

  • Q. Do you require a credit check or run a background check?

    A. Although KahlCenter does not run a credit check, there is a national background check required. The cost is minimal and ranges from $12.95 up to $24.95. The fee for the background check is based on the state you live in. All applicants must successfully pass the background check before proceeding to the next step. The background check does NOT include a credit report check, so your credit history will not be a factor.

  • Q. How long is the online training and will I get paid during training?

    A. Your online client certification training will run anywhere from 14 days up to 30 days, depending on which client you will be working with. The online classes usually run 4 hours per day and are normally held on weekdays only. You will not be paid during the course of the certification training, however some of our clients may offer certification bonuses of up to $350.00 once you have completed certain requirements.

  • Q. How much money can I earn through my virtual home office?

    A. Your pay rates vary from client-to-client, the average hourly rate you will be paid will be from $9.00 up to $16.00 per hour.  You will have no commuting time, no cost for gas, you’ll save money from not buying lunches. You choose the number of hours, times and days you want to work!

  • Q. I know you are a Virtual Staffing Company, so how much are your fees?

    A. All wages and bonuses are paid on our master contract from our client. You will receive your contract rate, which will be paid hourly or may be paid “per call minute” serviced (based on the client you service) less our staffing fee of $ 12.50 per week. In addition, our clients charge KahlCenter LLC a service fee per virtual office agent. All service fees will deducted from your direct deposit payroll.

    Below is an example of a typical pay check.

    Hourly rate $12.00 per hour
    Weekly hours worked 40
    Total hours worked per period 80

    Gross agent earnings due ($15.50 x 80 hours) $960.00

    Gross earnings less the$ 25.00 agent staffing fee $935.00

    Net pay check (less $19.95 client service fee) $915.05

    Total monthly income (2 x $915.05) will be $1830.10*

    In this example your Annual Income would be $21961.00. if you add in the cost of commuting in your vehicle. Gas and maintenance (annual estimated cost of $6,512.00), lunches @ $5 per day = $1,300.00 annual; this does not include Starbucks, which could add another $5 per day! That alone would be $9,112.00 per year never mind the cost of daycare which could add anywhere from $8000-10,000 per year.
    Offset 100% of your service and staffing fees, by referring Virtual Call Center Agents. All agents are paid on a 1099, so no taxes are deducted.

    YOU decide how many hours you spend servicing client inbound calls. If you have a full-time job and can only work a few hours in the evening or on the weekends that’s fine.
    * The illustration above is an example only of a earning scenario of a virtual home agent and not a guarantee of your earnings. Your actual earnings will be based on your hourly contract rate, performance, your total hours worked, less service fees. Contact us if you have questions regarding earnings, before starting the application process.

    In addition to the above earnings scenario, as an active agent, you will eligible to participate in our agent referral program. Agents in our referral programs can earn up to an addition $200 to $500 or more per month for new agents!